Monday, June 12, 2017

Korea Holiday 31st March till 14th April 2017

Visit to Korea ( Jeju Island / JeonJu / Seoul )

Visit to South Korea is a first for the family. I have been there on business several times but had no time to spend as a tourist before. Nana is an "expert" having been there before. Can speak some Korean somemore.....we are very impressed ! 

Our first destination was Jeju Island. We suppose to get a car to drive around Jeju Island but I forgot to apply for the International Driving Licence so had to forego the rental and car. We had to take bus/taxi/walk the next 5 days ! 

After the bus dropped us near the Kumon Hotel, we had to walk some 650 meters to the hotel. Mummy seen here changing to a more comfortable walking shoes. 

Cannot resist a selfie with the yellow flowers in the background near the hotel
Family Selfie at the entrance to the museum
Royal Bear 

Nana with the Prince Bear !

Charlie Bear ! 

Korean Bears ! 

Marilyn Bear with Nana ! Sisters ? 

Bruce Bear with Daddy 

Selfie with Korean Bear Family

Bye Bye Teddy Bear Museum.....enough bear to last a long long time ! 

Next we navigate using Google map to a small water fall (CheongjeyeonWaterfall) near the museum. Small ? Okay it is not really small but big for our standard. The climb was pretty tough for us. 

Nana have been there before during her last trip. We walked through the park, wishing fountains, a view of Mount Hallasan at a distance. It was April and entry was FREE ! Hurray ! 

We climbed a bridge called the Seonimgyo Bridge. Was difficult to climb....Nana suggest walking backwards ! It worked !

Selfie at the pavilion entrance

Sakura in Jeju ! 

Mummy at the top of the link way bridge to the waterfall

Old couple

Modern highway bridge built over the waterfall spoils the scenery

Without the top bridge, the scenery is much better ! Clear Blue water ! 
Next, we visited another museum down the road where optical illusion was the name of the game. 

Unveiling the picture of Jesus

Kena stepped !

My galfrends ! 

Bull rider ! 

Devilish !

Angelic !

Korean Empress Soomoi 
Sky Diver ! 

Eaten Alive ! 
Looks better at that angel ? 

Vandalism !
Crossing The Crater ! 

Next day, we have to try the Black Pig of Jeju. We took at shuttle to the supermarket and then a bus to Jeju city. 

Mummy drooling already ! 

Yes....we are looking forward to the yum yum black pork !

Food ! Glorious Food ! 

Cheese ! 

The Golf Black Pig ! 
In conclusion, I am rather disappointed with the black pork meal. Expensive but not what I have expected. The meat is rather tasteless in my opinion. Nevertheless....we enjoyed it overall. 

We follow it up with a walk to the supermarket for some strawberries. Then we visited a District Office of the Joseon period. 

Next day...we hailed a cab to a "famous" seafood restaurant which was highly rated in the Google map we were using.

Nana in her usual posture 

As we were pretty hungry, we whacked anything that lands on the table ! 

Ordered a set for 4 but the food amount was quite overwhelming. The price is as well....the meal cost us some S$200+ 
Mummy's not happy with the fresh seafood Sashimi ! 
After lunch we took a bus to the Jeju city and did alot of wondering.  We had our first taste of the famous Issac Sandwich ! It was love at first bite !

The Smile of Approval !
Strong recommendations from Nana
Next day, we travel by plane back to Seoul Incheon and took a express train to Jeonju. 

We reached Jeonju about 8.00 pm.  We took a taxi to our YiHua hotel. Had two big bags with us but the CNG tank in the taxi only allowed one bag. The girls have to carry the second bag on their laps. LOL ! 

It is Sakura in Korea. 

It is our first time experiencing Sakura

Our first day roaming the cultural village. There is a lot to see and experience.


3 ChiouBu
Busy street at the Cultural Village

Old Couple vs Young Couple ! 
Dressing up as a Korean for 2 hours

Resting outside the fortune teller shop
Saying goodbye after 4 tiring days of olden days Korea in Jeonju, we took a train back to Seoul. Same arrangement with the taxi squeezing. 

On the train back to Seoul, we were not able to purchase seats but only standing tickets. Had to rough it out for a few stations until the kind ticketing officer told us to sit on a few vacant seats in one of the cars for free ! Super Korean hospitality for tourists ! 

Roughing it out on the passage way.

Mummy making herself at home using the bag stowage tray

The show must go on ! 
Our first BBQ in Seoul
Outside our Seoul hotel 

One of the underground shopping alleys....we are lost ! 

Strongly recommended authentic ancient Korean Ginseng Chicken
We whack the side dishes so hard...they had to refill twice ! Ha ha ha ! 

Original Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup ! 
After the heavy lunch of delicious Korean ginseng chicken, we visited the Korean museum. Free entry and we had a good time understanding some of the history of Korea. 

The two sisters walking between Old and New
Old Royal Palace on the left and New Seoul on the right ! 

So loving ! Cheese ! 


Old Couple ! 

The starting point of the modern Korea ! 

Ladies ! Cheezzeee ! 

Ng Family 

Cheezzeee ! 
Almost dinner time...more Korean food please ! We s

Lovely Korean fried pancakes ! 

Enjoying the famous Korean fried rice cakes ! Delicious ! 

Clarissa saying prayers ? 

Shopping for souvenirs 

Damned bright Korean sun gets into my eyes ! 

Much better ! All cool dudes in dark glasses ! 

Sakura in Seoul ! 

Wondering over several places in Seoul but this market was actually walking distance from our hotel ! 

Found a typical Korean road side restaurant which did not speak any English or have any English menus but we managed to order nice BBQ Babi ! 

Accidental shot with the phone but it is okay ! 

Food is good and reasonable....local prices ! 

Mumm Mumm ! Nice !